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Wine Decanter & Gemstone Vial VINO

For a true wine enthusiast, it's not just about the quality and good taste of wine. The way one drinks wine is also of great importance. Therefore, a beautiful wine decanter set is a must, enhancing the wine experience into something special and stylish.

Included in the set:

1x VitaJuwel Gemstone Vial Vino

1x VitaJuwel Wine Decanter

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     Hand-picked, fairly-traded gems

     Family-owned and operated small business

     Created with love in the German Alps

     Limited Warranty 🛈

     5-Year Worry-Free Replacement Policy 🛈


The VitaJuwel Wine Decanter is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and an extraordinary piece of jewelry that, when combined with VitaJuwel gemstone vials, allows you to experience many enjoyable moments even more intensely.

Select vineyards and professional sommeliers have rediscovered the ancient tradition of treating wine with amethyst, achieving fantastic results. Today, they enhance their wine with the gemstone vial VINO from VitaJuwel.

The gemstones in the VitaJuwel VINO vial allow the fruity aromas of the wine to unfold better, and the tannins become smoother. Of course, you cannot turn an ordinary wine into the bouquet of a "century wine." However, with VitaJuwel, select drops undergo a unique refinement.

The VitaJuwel gemstone wands are handcrafted from high-quality, pollutant-free glass in a patented manufacturing process. They are filled exclusively with fair-trade, hand-selected, and carefully cleaned gemstones.

Simply guide your gemstone wand VINO into the VitaJuwel WINE DECANTER filled with wine, and after about 10 minutes, you can enjoy your enhanced wine. Experience the uniquely mild and aromatic taste of energized wine.

With the VitaJuwel VINO gemstone wand, you no longer need to place the stones directly into your wine. This ensures that no potentially present chemical impurities or rock fragments enter the wine. Additionally, the tedious cleaning of the gemstones, where they gradually lose their luster and need to be replaced from time to time, is eliminated. With VitaJuwel gemstone wands, you can enjoy the brilliance of precious gemstones throughout your life and refine your wine in a hygienic and sustainable manner.

The VitaJuwel VINO gemstone wand presents itself with a unique design due to its special twisted cut and can, of course, also be used to enhance drinking water.

More Information
Comes With Weindekanter, Edelsteinphiole Vino
Dimensions & Weight Dekanter: Volumen 750 ml | Höhe 170 mm | Länge 400 mm | Breite 90 mm
Material Glas | Edelsteine
Care Bitte per Hand mit lauwarmem Wasser reinigen.

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